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Data Services


Provided Police Services:

-Uniform Patrol Services
--Crime Detection and Prevention
--Traffic Safety Patrol
--Traffice Safety and Criminal Education
--Warrant Service
--K-9 Service (Patrol and Investigations)
--Active Member of Governor's Office of Highway Safety (Traffic Unit)
--Other Agency Coordinated Assistance
--Narcotic Detection and Prevention (Multi Jurisdictional)
--Drug Awareness and Education
--Children's Safety Network (Amber Alerts)
--Criminal Investigations and Case Management
-Special Units
--S.W.A.T. / Multi Jurisdictional Tactical Untis
--High Risk Warrants Service
--Tactical Narcotics Enforcement
--Honor Guard
--Parade Detail
--Funeral Detail
--Special Functions
"Serve and protect through dedication,
professionalism, active cooperation with
the community and respect for human dignity"